Three of the many energy vortexes at Sedona Mago

Three of the many energy vortexes at Sedona Mago

By Sedona Mago Staff
Including Ilchibuko Todd, Sedona Mago President, International Speaker

Vortexes. They are without a doubt one of Sedona Mago’s most sought-after and asked-about features.
But what are they? Vortexes are concentrated areas of energy where power from the Earth flows, also called Ley Lines. Their power is palpable, empowering, fulfilling and hard to deny. Guests from all around the world come to Sedona to experience feelings of connectivity, spirituality and the soothing nature of the vortexes in the area.

If you haven’t yet, we encourage you to read about the basics of energy vortexes in our previously written blog. It covers things like:

– How some vortexes emit masculine and feminine energy (yes, vortexes have genders!)
– How energy flows from vortexes can twist trees
– What people feel when visiting a vortex

At Sedona Mago, our vortexes are each unique, emit different kinds of energy and empower our guests in different ways. Furthermore, they were created differently—some are built on natural vortexes of the Earth, whereas others become vortexes after being built and visited with enlightening intentions. Native Americans, for instance, built spiritual sites in areas where they felt highly connected to the Earth, amplifying the vortexes that already existed.

There are nearly a dozen concentrated vortexes at Sedona Mago (with the entire location being a vortex itself), but we invite you to read on and learn about three of our most powerful locations on site.


The Healing Garden & Lake

Reflections. Release. Rippling. Whenever water is involved, vortexes are less about receiving energy or being empowered —they enable you to let go of the negative energy you already carry. Teeming with feminine energy, our Healing Garden & Lake is an incredibly calming, relaxing energy vortex that people love to visit. The energy here swirls, ebbs and flows, much like the very nature of water itself.

Our guests love to walk the perimeter of the lake, stopping to meditate at benches beneath the shade of Willow and Juniper trees. It is here that people come to let go of their baggage—they address their negative experiences, let them evaporate like water in the sun, and make room for their True Selves.

The Healing Lake is a great example of a natural vortex enhanced with sincere, divine intention. Although it is beautiful, serene and calming, it did not exist before Sedona Mago was founded. When our founder was first called to Sedona by its natural energy, he was drawn to the very plot of land that our organization now sits. However, he recognized that it lacked a specific element: water.

Considered impossible by engineers, we persevered to bring this sacred oasis to the desert. After creating a foundation of sustainable water recycling and energy-saving systems, this energy vortex is a testament to Sedona Mago’s relationship with nature. We believe that harmony of the elements is critical to finding balance within ourselves. The healing lake is that harmony made real.


Mission Place

One of the most raw, powerful places on the Sedona Mago property, Mission Place is an array of thoughtful structures on a natural surface. It is an incredibly strong energy vortex of directional, masculine energy. It shoots straight into the heavens, receives energy in turn, and empowers those who visit with emotions like courage, motivation, confidence and strength.

However, it can also be overwhelming. Many of our guests report feelings of slight disorientation or tiredness, especially after leaving a meditation session at Mission Place. This vortex has a strong connection to the Sun, the Heavens, and ultimately, the true selves of people who visit.

Mission Place calls to people who are in need of a “message”—as it was for our founder, Ilchi Lee. When he first came to Sedona, he meditated atop Bell Rock and felt a calling to the land where Sedona Mago would eventually sit. He was compelled to purchase the land, but had very little money. When he considered giving up, the land would speak to him in sorrow.

“What am I to do?” our founder shouted to the sky. “Is this what you really want me to do?”

As if responding to our founder’s frustration and his question, the darkened sky erupted with lightning and struck the ground nearby. It was at this moment that our founder knew he would find a way to acquire the land and create Sedona Mago. He wasn’t “told” to do it—rather, he was guided to Mission Place and affirmed of his feeling.

Now, Mission Place serves as an energy vortex to help people like it helped our founder. The energy that flows from this spot is like Mother Earth: embracing and nurturing like soil, but also empowering and strong like an earthquake or a storm. We visit this place often at Sedona Mago, to realign the goals we carry inside of us and help carry the mission of our founder.


Mago Labyrinth

Our labyrinth at Sedona Mago is an incredibly sacred and powerful vortex. These carefully curated red rocks and stones create a walkable, winding pathway that flows with both masculine and feminine energy—both Yin and Yang. One of the most visited sites on the property, our labyrinth was built as a spiritual collaboration with indigenous peoples to make the space as authentic and connected to the Earth as possible.

To walk the path of the labyrinth is something special. As you walk inward toward the center, you reflect and release, seek and search… you ask yourself the questions that you’ve been wondering your entire life. You also let go of negative energy that clouds your character as you walk, sometimes even putting your own identity into question.

Reaching the center is an entirely different experience. It is a connection with the vortex that the labyrinth channels, embracing the One-ness of your existence on the planet. This feels different for everyone: it may be a feeling of cosmic energy, a feeling of the Source of creation, or even a connection with God or the universe itself. Whatever it may be, the time comes to walk outward—to have the realization that you can now share your true self with the world. As you leave the stone pathway, your energy can expand like a breath of fresh air, letting the energy you’ve received in the vortex grow and flourish.

And the beauty of this vortex: its energy grows with every visitor. With every guest, its spirit becomes stronger. We believe everyone should walk its path and feel the energy that flows from it.

These are just three of Sedona Mago’s energy vortexes. And while photos may be breathtaking, nothing compares to experiencing them. No amount of words can replicate the transformative nature of Mission Place, the magic of the healing lake, or the inward beauty of the labyrinth.

We hope you find peace, embolden your true self and treat those around you with love and respect. If you’d like to visit Sedona Mago for meditation, self-discovery, detoxification and more, see our list of upcoming retreats for details.

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