Heart Chakra: Your Shift from the Physical To The Spiritual

Heart Chakra: Your Shift from the Physical To The Spiritual

Your heart chakra is considered your Heart Palace, or the birthplace of your soul. At Sedona Mago, when we talk about awakening to your True Self, we talk about connecting to your heart chakra and building a deeper connection with it. 

According to our founder, Ilchi Lee’s Healing Chakras: Awaken Your Body’s Energy System for Complete Health, Happiness, and Peace book, the heart chakra is often associated with your relationships and how deeply you can connect with others. It is associated with the integration between the masculine and feminine, the union between your ego and soul. 

There are several types of love that can come from your heart chakra and how you can connect with others: familial, emotional/romantic, or friendship. But the most sincere love that comes from this energy center is unconditional love. Unconditional love is genuine, powerful and embraces everyone no matter who they are or what they are like. 

Also known as Tao Love or Soul Love, unconditional love can only come from an opened and awakened heart chakra. To reach this kind of love, you must be willing to move past your ego and return to the love from your soul that is accepting and not expecting anything in return. It is a giving love that isn’t based on judgment. It is selfless, rather than self-interested. 

Characteristics of the heart chakra

The heart chakra is most associated with a golden color, located at the center of your chest, and associated with your heart and lungs. It is the source of love and cosmic energy. Once you are able to tap into your heart chakra and allow it to open up, you can share compassionate harmonious love with others. 

An open heart chakra has the ability to melt away sadness, depression, loneliness, and burnout. In order to feel an abundance of unconditional love for all, you must be willing to work on and heal the lower three chakras before healing your heart chakras. You will feel more confident and have an overflow of self-love; which, in turn, allows you to love others with more openness. 

Healing the heart chakra

If your heart chakra is blocked you could harbor negative thoughts and feelings around love. You could be very distrusting of others, or carry blockages to your own self-love. The love you show to others could be very attached or codependent, relying on the other to validate you in some ways because this love is attached to your ego. You could also be prone to giving more than receiving or prone to selfish love, where you are not giving anything back to others. 

Healing your heart chakra is not about finding love in another but finding the love you already possess in your soul. When you get in tune with your True Self and start to recognize this version of yourself, you can begin to allow the heart chakra to open up easily. 

Your soul, i.e. your True Self, is separate from your ego. It is all accepting and has no pretenses. It isn’t your thoughts or emotions and exists beyond personality, social status, or the physical world. It is a spiritual connection to your soul that is unwavering and unreactive to what is going on in your day-to-day life. 

In order to get more in tune with your heart chakra and find your True Self start by healing your lower chakras with exercises from our previous blogs: root, sacral, and solar plexus. 


You can stand, or sit in a half or full-lotus position. Open your arms to the side of you while bending your arms in a cactus shape. Twist your upper body from side to side as you bring your hands, palms facing forward towards your chest, and see a stream of golden light going from there. Then pull them away without touching your chest and bring them in this cactus shape to the side of your body, as you turn to face front. Watch the energy expand around your chest and see that golden light spread throughout the rest of your body. 

Per Ilchi Lee’s Healing Chakras book, visualize more love, compassion, understanding, and forgiveness entering your heart space and flowing through your bloodstream. 

While you are doing the exercise to heal your heart chakra, affirm: 

“I am love and I love myself.

I am my True Self that wishes to lead with my heart. 

Everything I do, everything I share is coming from this energy from the Universe. And, I wish to share my love from my True Self

I feel an abundance of energy and love from my heart which I wish to share with the world.

I have power over my sadness, loneliness, and hatred. 

I don’t hold onto jealousy because I am in tune with love that is embracing everyone no matter who they are or what they have. 

My love is genuine, powerful, and consistent.”

When you start to open your heart chakra, you start to awaken to higher levels of consciousness. Shifting the energy in that area can support a peaceful and calm life where you are no longer reacting to what is happening around you. You will be able to tap into this higher level of consciousness and see things happening for you instead of to you. It is your lifeline to becoming who you truly are. 

For more information on how to heal this chakra and all seven main energy centers, you can also check out our founder, Ilchi Lee’s Healing Chakras: Meditations and Affirmations.

Join our Finding True Self Retreat to learn how to come back home to your heart chakra, your soul. Discover the love that already exists inside you, to be able to share that love with the rest of the world and coexist in peace with Nature. Develop tools to improve your well-being including cleansing and awakening all seven of your chakras. Release the mind chatter, limiting thoughts and emotions, and allow yourself to manifest a life that is in true alignment with your soul.

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