Sacral Chakra: Your Shift from the Physical To The Spiritual

Sacral Chakra: Your Shift from the Physical To The Spiritual

The second chakra is called your sacral chakra. It is considered the chakra that holds your energetic reserves and the place that gathers the most energy in all of your body. It determines your significant relationships with others and your need for control. 

All the chakras are connected to one another, so even if your relationships with others have been relatively healthy, if you have a blocked first chakra due to your connection with your parents or caregivers, your sacral chakra will also be affected. If that is the case, you could feel an underlying betrayal or distrust for others, even when unprovoked. 

Characteristics of the sacral chakra

Your sacral chakra is associated with the color soft red. It is located two inches below your belly button and is often associated with the sexual organs or in your pelvic region. It is also associated with the hips, lower back, bladder, and kidneys.  If unhealed, these parts of the body may also be affected. You could have lower back problems or tension or stiffness in your hips. You could get bladder infections more easily as well. 

On an emotional level,  it could invoke feelings of jealousy, emptiness, and turmoil. If you are aware and connected to your sacral, you will feel an overflowing of energy and vitality where you will have so much energy. You will feel self-sufficient and can share your happiness and love for yourself with others. You will feel powerful and abundant, able to feel fulfilled. 

It is also known as Earth’s Palace. Much like the Earth, all life began from this energy center. And with its connection to your umbilical cord, where you once received nutrients and nourishment from your mother, you receive Qi, life force energy, through this chakra which can be accumulated over time. Then, you can still feel a sense of vitality every day and open up to new ways of seeing and being. 

Healing the sacral chakra

If your sacral chakra is blocked, then you could be relying on others to make you feel stable or valued. You could be looking outside yourself to learn how to create, react, and live. 

In order to heal all your energy centers, you should start by healing your root chakra first. A blocked root chakra can disrupt your body, mind and spirit’s ability to self-regulate. You could be prone to stress, uneasiness, and even self-defeat. (Refer to our Root Chakra blog  to help you heal the first chakra.)

Then, focus on healing your sacral chakra. It can support your overall emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being and improve your overall mood over time. The more you can clear this chakra, the more you will develop trust and love for yourself, which will naturally heal your relationships with others. It can also help you amplify your creativity so that you are able to channel stored Qi to manifest the life that is truly in alignment with your True Self


Tapping is an effective tool for clearing out blockages and making room for new energy to flow through your second chakra. You can sit in half or full lotus,  lie down with your knees up, or stand up. Open the palm of your hand and lightly tap the area two inches below your belly button. You can pair this exercise with a root chakra clearing exercise where you are lifting your buttocks up and down off the ground. 

While you are clearing your sacral chakra, affirm: 

“I am overflowing with vitality and energy. 

Qi energy is overflowing inside of me. 

All my desires to control others are no longer my desires anymore and I have enough energy and power to share with the rest of the world.

My energy is self-sufficient from a place of joy and happiness that I am sharing with others.

I am full of creativity.

Imagine as you do this exercise that you are gaining a warm, loving feeling.  You could even visualize the feelings of creativity, joy, and happiness filling up your body while concentrating on your lower abdomen. See a scarlet red light filling that area and watch it grow and expand to the rest of your body. Feel yourself building up your self-love and self-compassion. Release challenging memories from old relationships that no longer serve you and pay attention to where you are releasing control over others. Tapping can help you shift your desire to control and have power over connections to developing and maintaining connections that are mutually joyous and supportive. 

For more information on how to heal this chakra and all seven of the main energy centers, you can also check out our founder, Ilchi Lee’s Healing Chakras: Meditations and Affirmations.

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