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Revitalizing Detox Retreat

‘Purify your Body and Awaken your Natural Healing Power’

Revitalizing Detox Retreat

Revitalizing Detox is for individuals who are seeking holistic healing of their body, mind and spirit. We will focus on cleansing the body of toxins, awakening natural healing and creating self-awareness. Class size is limited to 20 participants.

Participants of this retreat will be empowered and inspired to consciously create the lifestyle they have always wanted. You will experience a deep physical and emotional transformation.

 Benefits often include:

  • Weight Loss
  • Enhanced mental clarity
  • Relief from pain
  • Improved energy
  • More restful sleep
  • Elimination of excess toxins
  • Decreased Physical Signs of Aging

 Activities at the Revitalizing Detox Retreat include:

  • Naturopathic doctor’s guidance on balanced nutrition, healthful resources and holistic way to improve your health.
  • Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse
  • Daily Qigong* and stretching movements
  • Guided nature activities
  • Daily herbal supplements, probiotics and smoothies
  • Fresh, local organic produce
  • Physical and energetic evaluation during sessions
  • Healthy lifestyle guidelines and life coaching
  • Group sessions designed to share your experience and receive support
  • Optional private healing sessions (for an additional fee)

Shared: $1,950 & Private: $2,250 (depending on the room type you choose). Registration includes the entire program and full room-and-board.

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What is Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse?

A liver cleanse is, in a way a rejuvenation of the whole body.  The liver is such an important part of our body’s ability to filter and cleanse so much of our daily toxins that we are exposed to.   Many people ask, “do I really need to cleanse my liver?”  While everyone is different, it is very rare that you would not benefit from a liver cleanse.  How much and how many times will you need to cleanse is completely dependent on the person and how they have eaten daily, how much exogenous toxins are present and how many other risk factors they have.  It is best to avoid alcohol, it is recommended that alcohol be kept to a minimum, as this can be a factor in Non-alcoholic liver disease.  When you do a liver cleanse you will ultimately be bringing your body to balance, which will aide in weight-loss, it will increase the ability of your immune system to function properly, it will also help decrease any liver stones, so you may also find that you have more energy, and you will notice increased vitality.  The liver is such an important part of us and its functions are so great, it is a wonderful thing to cleanse your liver and reap the rewards as you cleanse your whole body.

What is Qigong?

*Qigong is an ancient energy practice that involves the use of synchronized breathing and slow, deliberate movements similar to those used in Tai Chi to help restore the flow of Qi (pronounced chee) or your life energy within your body. Qigong for detox is a combination of relaxation techniques, meditation and a series of carefully executed moves. The deep breathing exercises and physical activities involved in Qigong for detox relieve tissue damage and a large part of the aging process

Sedona Spiritual Detox starts on the day that Revitalizing Detox Retreat finishes; you can register both programs together. If you register for both programs together, there’s special 10% discount.


Juniper D. Yang, Program Director

Juniper, Tao Master and Healer, is the Program Director for Revitalizing Detox and  Holistic Health Journey at Sedona Mago Retreat. She has been studying and practicing the Tao philosophy for over 20 years. She is a graduate of Qigong Healing, Tao Instructor Training, and Tao Master Training. For over 16 years, Juniper has been helping and teaching others live in balance through meditation, breathing and nutrition. Juniper is a lifetime seeker and healer who encountered the ancient wisdom of Tao in 1996. Awakened to the existence of cosmic truth and energy, Juniper has devoted her life to sharing the Tao traditions of inspiration, healing, and truth.

Dr. Dianna Mendoza

Dr. Mendoza is Board Certified as a Naturopathic physician licensed in the state of Arizona, where she is a partner at a local medical clinic located in Mesa, AZ. She truly believes in the power of the human body to heal and rejuvenate itself, utilizing Integrative medicine to its fullest. In addition to her varied medical background including positions in the U.S. Navy, worked in the capacities of Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), In-flight Search and Rescue (wet-crewman) corpsman, and a Surface Force Independent Duty Corpsman (SFIDC), operating as the sole medical and dental provider for military and civilian personnel around the world, she currently enjoys her inner journey that helps deepen her understanding of holistic well being and expand her service to other fellow humans.”

Chef Eric Seif

Eric Seif graduated from Le Cordon Bleu. He worked in France and Italy, and has been in the Hospitality Industry for over 20 years. Seif was classically trained in French cuisine, and has held every position in a restaurant setting in nearly every type of regional cuisine.

Seif became focused more on health orientated cooking when he became the Chef of a children’s home. He believes as research has shown we can begin healing our bodies and clearing away all the toxins of impure food.


“Please be advised that this program is a medically-supervised treatment program and there is a licensed medical health care professional on site. If you are pregnant or nursing, you’re not allowed to take this program. If you’re taking any prescribed medication, or have health problems, please consult with our Naturopathic doctor prior to starting this program.”
  • I have attended two classes at Mago retreat and I am amazed after each class. I cannot believe the caring nature of each instructor, their individual knowledge and the effort they give to each class. I hope to attend many more classes here and enjoy the beauty that surrounds the retreat.

  • After the detox I felt so much more closer to my body. It really wasn’t that hard, just having the will to complete it is all you need. Dr. Mendoza was great to have as a teacher, she’s very knowledgeable about how to take care of oneself.

  • I truly appreciated the Revitalizing Detox Program for the full presence and participation of all the instructors. The structure and content of the sessions provided the support I needed to remain fully present or address whatever that would come up.
    My favorite part was the centering meditations and Qi gong because it gave me opportunity to become one with my breath

  • Much of my experience was beyond words but I can say that it was profound. Master Juniper is a skilled teacher, a truly gifted facilitator and an exceptional being. For me the physical exercise, the connection to myself and guidance was tremendously helpful.

  • I came to the detox program using 100 units of insulin per day, it was not working. On the second day I used only 25 units. On Day 3rd and 4th day none at all. ~Stephen Robinson

  • "The Revitalizing Detox Retreat was very healing! My physical body was cleansed and so was my mind. Also, the energy here is so peaceful and healing. Coming to Sedona Mago Retreat helps one to relax and find inner peace." ~Pam Broyles, Las Vegas, NV

  • "I came to the Revitalizing Detox Retreat hoping to cleanse and start new with my physical body. What I received was much, much more. I came away with a clean, fresh body, mind, spirit and renewed energy. I also found that these practices changed me and I will carry them forward in my life to gain a completeness I never thought possible. I am eternally grateful for what I experienced on my retreat. Thank you, Juniper." ~Louis, Flagstaff, AZ

  • "For many years I have been looking for a detox program. A friend told me about the Revitalizing Detox Retreat at Sedona Mago Retreat. I had cancer and the chemotherapy left my body so toxic and weak. I lost a lot of strength. I felt helpless, heavy and very unhealthy. The Revitalizing Detox retreat was exactly what I needed, I experienced deep cleansing through the methods that were shown. The instructor, Juniper was very knowledgeable about many topics discussed. The retreat covered the importance of detoxing out bodies and how important proper nutrition is. I was given tips to take home and the experience was life changing for me. The swelling and inflammation in my body decreased. I feel lighter and fresh and more energized." ~Stephanie, Las Vegas NV

  • "This is my 2nd retreat trip to Mago. Although I have been practicing Tao yoga at the center in Chandler, I kept falling into a pattern of bad habits that kept me from making progress in my spiritual journey. When I came to this retreat I was not well physically, with low energy. I felt a total transformation after this Detox retreat. It almost feels like a miracle and I am very grateful for Juniper and my fellow participants for sharing and caring and making this possible. My real testimony was the sunset meditation where after many bowing meditation, I was able to sit and meditate pain free and feel the healing energy from heaven! I am eternally grateful for helping me take the bold step into my spiritual journey." With Love & Peace ~ Kris Murali, Phoenix, AZ

  • "I arrived a mess - waring for decades to control my alcoholism, I had no power on my own before this retreat. At the fact of facing my fears, worries, anxiety and depression… Juniper and Vicki understood and immediately started working with compassion and understanding. I felt welcome. At home, At ease. The trainers were tough on exercise and it felt great. The food and diet recommendations, as well as the liver cleanse left me feeling alert and clean. The emotional and spiritual sessions were enlightening - I can feel energy again. I would recommend to anyone struggling… seeking enlightenment - someone who doesn't subscribe to rehab or AA methods. I feel the program has cleansed my body and mind, and gave me the tools to confront life with confidence and live my life with intent and see my true potential. Inspiring for those in despair" ~"Peace", Reno, NV

  • "This is the second time that I have taken the Revitalizing Detox Retreat. The retreat enables me to not only clear the physical body from toxins but to clear blockages and toxins from my emotional and spiritual body. If you feel burdened by excess body weight, depressions, negative emotions, a lack of energy or any other condition that seems to inhibit your moving forward", I highly recommend the Revitalizing Detox Retreat. You will emerge with greater energy and a stronger conviction to take care of yourself, to love others and to respect the Earth." ~Leslie, Oceanside, CA

  • "I greatly enjoyed having the guidance and support of the trainers. Being in a small group with lots of personalized attention made this an excellent program. I would highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to get started on a path of improving health." ~B.J.

  • I did not realize the level of toxicity in our environment and in me until I did this program. It is challenging but very beneficial. Also so beneficial to detox Mother Earth by changing our habits. Master Juniper is an exceptionally gifted trainer.
    ~Diane M, CO

  • "This retreat was amazing! I work really hard and needed the right balance of relaxation and detoxing. I knew my body needed a reboot. I appreciate that the retreat focused on detoxing with a spiritual, physical and emotional emphasis. The retreat allowed us to go deeper into exploring our relationship with food. I also got to cultivate a new habit around mindful eating. How powerful!!! By the time I left I found that I was more aware of when I felt full. I could also taste and appreciate the food more and I was also given practical nutrition pointers. Also, a personalized reading by Master Juniper and N.D. Vicki were very supportive, caring and loving. They pushed you past your comfort zone with the yoga activities but with very supportive energy. It was the right push. I got to do some healing and it feels good. I know what I learned will stick even if it takes me time, that's how much I released. The environment really supports this kind of detox as well. It was perfect." ~DN, NY

  • “This is the second time I have chosen the Detox program with Master Juniper at Sedona Mago Retreat. The program has led me to love and respect my body, mind and soul more than ever before. The cleansing and exercises using my body and meditation to go deep inside myself was the best. Now I am going home to my daily life and will keep my journey alive, as live my life. I am ready for the challenge. And I am planning to return in six months.” ~MaryJo, IL

  • "When I enrolled, I had no idea what to expect... I was simply looking for healing of my soul. Well, this program, is a nutshell, is about awareness and enlightenment regarding myself, others and the world. What an eye opening experience. Master Juniper and Master C were awesome beyond words, filled with love and light. If I needed them to hold my hand, they did. All I have to say is, I am a new human who learned to love herself. Is my soul healed? I am on a journey and Master J & C helped me to find that path. I truly love you both!" ~C. Small, central MT

  • “I read about the Revitalizing Detox and decided that might be a good thing to do just to get my body in a little better shape, and to get some of my health back. But what I discovered being in the program was that it wasn’t just about the physical release. It was also about an emotional and a spiritual release; letting go of some of the blockages that keep us from functioning in the fullness of our being. The instructor Juniper Yang has been so incredible in her modeling of what it is to really be present, doing the various exercises. We do the Tao exercises that have a bit of Qi-gong, if anyone is familiar with that, and also some yoga. More than that, it’s a real deep connection with one’s inner self.” ~Frances, Santa Fe, NM

  • The Revitalizing Detox Retreat is a comprehensive program that reaches deep. I felt a much needed decompression from stresses and habits of my daily life and routine. The environment is supportive. Master Juniper is accomplished as our energy healer. I am down 8 lbs from July 3. Feeling a whole lot calmer. My bp was high even on my meds. Resting heart rate down a lot. Lesson: I can heal myself!!! You can, too. Continuing to detox. ~Dorothy B, Phoenix, AZ

  • "I wish everyone in the world could/would go through this program. This is a positive life-changing experience. It might save the world." ~Victoria E. Sedona, AZ

  • "Serene, beautiful, relaxing, intense, superior leaders, Juniper and Susan are marvelous and extremely compassionate caregivers." ~Linda, Random Lake, WI

  • "I came to Sedona Mago, not sure what to expect as I had not done one of the retreats before. It was out of my comfort zone, but I as blown away by the beauty and experiences I had there. My first full day, I wasn’t sure I’d make it thru to Detox, but Juniper was comforting and reassuring and taught us how to work thru out blockages to a greater energy level. Amazing!" ~Missy, Baton Rouge, LA

  • "The Revitalizing Detox was incredibly holistic. Juniper and her assistant Susan were patient, loving and organized. The program connected our consumption of food with our personal spirituality, then showed how our personal spirituality is connected to and influences the universe." ~Cathy, La Habra, CA

  • "I came to support a friend, having minimal expectations of my own. I found I learned a lot and really benefitted physically." ~Darcy, Marco Island, FL"

  • "It was my first visit to Sedona Mago Retreat. I had no idea how peaceful and quiet the place is. It is such a wonderful experience and I plan to come back! Thank you for having such a special place we can all come to. Mahalo!" ~Sakina, Honolulu, Hawaii

  • "I feel really lucky to meet Juniper, trainer of the program. I expected more casual and conventional (I mean less human touch) retreat focused on losing weight and changing healthy life. The retreat was much more deep and spiritual.

    Thanks to the professional and human touched dedicated service of Juniper. I learned much more than changing health life. She gave us advise customized to each of us. I felt clearly that she wished our happiness from the bottom of her heart. She helped me to push my life ahead. I really am satisfied with my decision to come here.

    I also appreciate Susan. She is very kind, friendly, attends all of us very very well. I can’t stop to say to them “thank you”. I highly recommend the people to take this retreat. You can learn how to grow as human being." -Kaori, Japan

  • "Great course for both Detox and meditation in peaceful and wonderful surroundings! And wonderful teachers and guide!" ~Amal

  • "It was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had inspite of going through the Detox process. At first when I arrived at Mago Retreat I felt a sense of calmness, of being alive and as the days went by one can feel the energy that emanates around you and eventually inside of you. An energy that brings you one with nature, one with yourself, one with your inner strength and feeling of calm. It was worth every bit of my time and money. I hope more people take advantage of this opportunity." ~Harish, PhD Chicago Il