Solar Plexus Chakra: Your Shift from the Physical To The Spiritual

Solar Plexus Chakra: Your Shift from the Physical To The Spiritual

The solar plexus chakra is the third chakra of the main energy centers in your body. It is associated with feelings of creativity, confidence, and self-expression. The more you can live in alignment with your True Self and connect to your soul, the more activated and open this chakra is. The solar plexus represents your inner strength and can be associated with the stomach, small intestines, and large intestines.

Each chakra builds off of one another. Where your root chakra can be influenced by your early presence in this world and the connection with your parents; the sacral chakra is your first connection to others and your ability to give and receive love. Your solar plexus chakra is all about your relationship with yourself. In order for you to feel confident and connected to who you are, you have to have a good foundation and be open to giving and receiving love. Therefore, your connection to your first and second chakra, or lack thereof, can significantly affect your connection to your third chakra.

Characteristics of the Solar Plexus Chakra

Your solar plexus chakra is associated with the color orange. It is located in the middle of your body or two inches above your belly button. It is often associated with your desire for recognition or expressing your confidence. It is your center for inner power and can establish your motivation to do something or take action. It can also affect your ability to stay focused or get easily distracted. 

When your solar plexus is open, you are likely to show the world the truest version of yourself and communicate your own needs and desires for love. You can seek more satisfaction in relationships because you are acting from a place that is authentic and resonant with the love you have for yourself. Relationships with both yourself and others will be stable.

Healing the Solar Plexus Chakra

If your solar plexus chakra is blocked, you will most likely not have a good relationship with yourself and others. You lack confidence, and you tend to enter into relationships that take your power away from you. You could be prone to abusive relationships or relationships where you are too fearful to say how you truly feel towards others for fear of rejection. You also may be inclined to procrastinate or slow to take the action that aligns with the most authentic version of you. You could also allow stress to consume you, leading you to experience gastrointestinal issues, high blood pressure, hypertension, and even migraines. 

Healing your solar plexus chakra involves healing the first and second chakras first. Even if you heal your relationship with yourself; if you have not accepted or reconciled the relationships you have had with others, especially your parents, stagnant energy will remain in your energy centers, taking your power away from you too. 

Tapping can help open this chakra and other energy centers, allowing new energy to flow to your lower chakras. You will feel a sense of renewal as you establish a more stable and loving relationship with yourself.


Take a tennis ball as you lie on your back, or in a half or full lotus position. Rub the tennis ball all around the middle of your body. Continue to move the tennis ball around your lower abdomen stimulating the area. As you breathe into this area you’re massaging, imagine a bright orange light being illuminated in that area reminding you that you are full of love and compassion for yourself. You can pair this exercise with a root chakra-clearing exercise and the sacral chakra-clearing exercises from previous blogs in our series

While you are doing the exercise to heal your solar plexus chakra, affirm: 

“I am passionate, and I have the will to complete my work.

 I am motivated to create. 

I am confident in my self-expression and I know who I am.

I love myself and share myself with confidence. 

I know myself. 

I live in this moment and I express myself fully whilst also loving myself.

I am worthy of the very best in life”

Another exercise for healing your solar plexus is the cobra posture. Lay on your stomach with your fingers spread wide next to your chest. Press your feet and thighs into the ground as you push your palms into the ground and lift your upper body off the ground. Squeeze your buttocks as you roll your shoulders away from your ears, pressing your pelvis into the floor. After a breath, bring your chest to the ground and repeat until you feel this chakra become open and activated.

Watch as this orange light enters your abdomen your negative emotions and thoughts about yourself fade away and bring balance to your emotions. The more that you can bring balance and harmony to your solar plexus chakra, the more you will feel relaxed and at ease with yourself and align with those that offer you love and support for your True Self

For more information on how to heal this chakra and all seven of the main energy centers, you can also check out our founder, Ilchi Lee’s Healing Chakras: Meditations and Affirmations.

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