YouTube Live: Learn Spiritual Spring Cleaning Techniques

Have you ever noticed how busy your mind is? In today’s society, we are running around with chaotic minds filled to the brim.  We are bombarded with tons of information, as well as constantly surrounded by technology. In addition to this, our energy is affected by the very technology that inundates our lives. 

How, then, is it possible to process things in our brains? How can we add more information to an already overloaded mind? Wouldn’t an overloaded mind eventually slow down and malfunction?

Your Brain is Like a Computer

Let’s compare the human brain to a computer. A computer holds lots of information but if it is overloaded, it will slow down. It will also not be able to take in new information. When this happens, you either have to upgrade to a new computer or continue to clean it in order to keep it functioning properly. If you don’t, then your computer could get a virus. This virus could take over and become detrimental or “fatal” to the computer. In order to fix this, you would have to uninstall and then reinstall a healthy system.

Well, our brain and our bodies are very similar to a computer. While getting a new brain is not really an option, upgrading and cleaning it to keep it healthy is possible. In actuality, it is imperative. If you don’t take the time to clean and release all the things you are holding on to, then your physical, emotional, and mental bodies become compromised. Over time your compromised systems have the potential to develop some type of chronic condition. 

YouTube Live Event

Join Ilchibuko Todd as she demonstrates how to spiritually spring clean with several simple techniques. These techniques include moving energy to release emotions as well as make your brain literally more pliable to change. Ilchibuko will also demonstrate a brain meditation.

Watch the Event: 

YouTube video

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