What Our Guests Say

The learning resources you gave me are invaluable

Taking this detox class has transformed every part of my life for the better.  You have given me the best gift that I’ve ever received. The learning resources you gave me are invaluable. You helped me cure health issues that medical doctors have not been able to heal for the past 15 years. As a bonus, I lost 10 pounds during the 6 weeks of working with you!


Best Thing I have Done for Myself

Shifting your Consciousness provided me with tools that I can use to look and live my life differently.  Trainer Shim is amazing at breaking these lessons down to simple steps that I am able to implement every day that allows me to look at life differently, and to live a fuller, more conscious life!  I cannot wait for the next class!  Taking the time to invest in myself and my life is the best thing I have done for myself.

Kristi Lyn

I Have Received So Much Energy & Inspiration

A few months ago when I was really challenged to stay positive during the first few months of Covid 19, I decided I needed some inspiration. I have received so much energy & inspiration from Awakening Your Natural Healing Power. The tapping exercises have now become a daily practice. And my overall mood from a few months ago has changed dramatically.


Experience a Deeper Connection

I feel very grateful for having taken the course as it has helped me deepen my connection with myself both physically and mentally. Through the class, I have learned to use natural and fun way to activate my energy circulation and gradually training my attention to go inward to feel the condition of the physical body and the more subtle energy within for healing. Now I feel more confident that I can take charge of managing my own energy by applying these natural methods in daily life.


“My Home Away from Home.”

“That Redrock background, the beautiful air, the space, the mountains- when I saw that this was my backyard, it really helped with my meditation, my coping. It really hits home away from home.”

Eric M.

“The Perfect Place for Self Discovery.”

“I can’t imagine a better place. I would walk out the door, and see so many birds flying from tree to tree while I was walking down along the path, and I said ‘Wow, this place is really in harmony with everything.’ “

Sarah C.

“Beyond My Imagination.”

“It’s everything you could possibly imagine times 18. It’s amazing. It’s absolutely gorgeous.”

John S.

“The Earth’s Energy is Supportive Here.”

“You just feel the energy of the earth and you’re just excited to start the day no matter how tired you are, how emotionally exhausted you are. You’re surrounded by all the elements the moment that you step out of your room in the morning. Sedona Mago Center for Well-Being and Retreat was absolutely gorgeous.”

Alaina G.

“What an Outstanding Opportunity!”

“The energy here is incredible. Doing this inner work coupled with that energy yields incredible results. Everything was just so nourishing and comfortable.”

Malia M.

“I Felt True Oneness with Myself and Nature.”

“It really allows you to step into this space of spirituality and transformation in a way that you could never do in a city or anywhere else. Everything is coming together; nature, wildlife, the trees, and I feel like I’m supported by all of it.”

Kait S.

“So Peaceful!”

“The accommodations were so comfortable; very calm and serene. For anyone looking for calm and peace, this is the place.”

Dhana P.

“The Land Holds a Special Energy.”

“Sedona in general is very special, but I think this place holds its own special energy. The views from here are amazing. I woke up to beautiful red rock cliffs in the distance. It made me think, ‘Wow, life is really beautiful.’ “

Dennison U.

“Way Beyond My Expectations!”

“The way that everything is set up, you can tell a lot of thought was put into it, especially the healing garden. The food; delicious. Way over 5 stars. The rooms are comfortable, you have access to everything you need.”

Lisanne K.

“I Could Find Peace Here.”

“It’s exactly what I wanted. I’m glad to be surrounded by not just beautiful nature but beautiful people who enjoy being part of this nature. I couldn’t be more at peace walking around.”

Klaudia C.

“The Feeling is So Unique.”

“Oh, it’s beautiful. There’s a lot of good energy here for sure.”

Jason C.

“You Have to Check Out the Waterfalls!”

“I love the space. It was just so peaceful and attractive, and I took maybe 20,000 pictures of the waterfalls!”

Brandon W.

“The Land is so Unique!”

“The property is absolutely gorgeous. You can walk for miles and never see the same thing twice.”

Taylor P.

“The Night Sky is One of a Kind.”

“The sky at night is…jawdropping. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it that way. Very rarely do you get a chance to see it like that. The whole property is beautiful, and its peaceful.”

Jason T.

“I Feel Truly at Peace.”

“I didn’t know what the atmosphere would be like but after walking around outdoors, everything lined up with this natural beauty and the energy of what I was going through. I felt very at peace.”

Chelsea L

“The Grounds Are Amazing!”

“I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world… The only place that’s more beautiful is here.”

Peg D.