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Well done and well-paced.

I would definitely recommend the Finding TrueSelf workshop. It is well done and well-paced. You will learn a lot, cry a lot, laugh a lot, and eat a lot of good food, all in a beautiful desert.


Guaranteed you will find your true self.

First I went through the detox program, I didn’t want to stop or leave. Finding True Self was the topping on the cake. Now that’s a good program. Do both, guaranteed you will find your true self.

Patrick M; Phoenix, AZ

Nothing helped me more than the Finding True Self workshop

I would recommend this program to anyone, any age (18-150 years old). I came in a mess, caring for others my entire life, never caring for myself, and feeling as if I had no purpose in life. I saw therapists read books and yoga. Nothing helped me more than the Finding True Self workshop. They say you learn more when you let go. You get 100% immersed in who you were, want to be and you become the raw version of who you are. Full of love, peace, confidence, and joy.


Totally transformed, renewed, and ready to create.

I had many doors close in 2020 that left me feeling empty, not knowing where to turn. When I had nothing left inside, I was asked if I could create my next step, what would it be. I became very open and described what my heart was looking for. The response was, oh that’s Mago, you need to go there. After attending FTS, I am totally transformed, renewed, and ready to create my new beginning.