How to Build Self-Worth And Start Believing in Yourself Again

Have you ever wondered if you are good enough? And have you ever compared yourself to other people? No matter where you are in life, and even if you have a strong family or friendship, you have probably felt that you are still lacking something.

This feeling roots in society. Growing up, you might have heard people tell you that happiness can only be attained by gaining more things and being successful. Because of this, you might find yourself wanting to gain more and more things, hoarding a lot more items, trying to achieve more goals, and/or thinking you are not already good enough on your own.

Success is good. It is part of the process of growth. But, you must know that you are already enough. From the day you were born, you are already enough. You will always be worthy. But how do you uncover this truth about yourself? How do you finally live a life knowing that you are worthy?

  1. Purify Your Thoughts – Society tells you that you are not enough, but this is not true at all. For you to learn how to love yourself, you must first release that information or lie from your head.
  2. Be in Touch with the Truth – When you let go of the lie that you are not enough, you can be more in touch with the truth. Listen to your true self instead of your ego.
  3. Feel Your Energy – The belief that you are not worthy is already ingrained in your body; it’s hard, solid, and difficult to let go of. On the other hand, energy is pure, flawless, flowing, and calm. So feel your energy and use it to flush away your negative thoughts.

True happiness does not come from obtaining more material things. It is uncovered by releasing the information in your head that you are not enough.

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Short Meditation

This meditation can help you trace back your life from the beginning up to this day. You will go through each phase of your life and ask yourself “What did I want? What did I want to make and create? What was my motivation? By asking yourself these questions, you will be able to find where your focus was and find out what you sincerely wanted at that time. This meditation can help you let go of what you are not or who you are not.

Straighten your spine. As you correct your posture, imagine an invisible pillar that connects the sky, the ground, and the center of the earth. This pillar is very strong, powerful, and bright. Rely on that pillar. Then, close your eyes and feel your breath. Inhale and exhale deeply.

When you’re finally relaxed, recall the moment you’re born. Do you remember being held and fed by your mother? What did you feel when they first talked to you? What were your thoughts during this time? What did you want?

After this, take yourself back to when you first learned how to walk and went to school. You met new friends and probably had an encounter. You cried. When you think about being at that moment, what did you want? What did you try to do? What was your focus?

After answering those questions, recollect on your experience as a high school student. Were you determined to study a lot? Or were you focused on how to be able to play more? When you are hanging out with friends, what did you want then? Did you receive what you wanted?

After that, transport yourself to the time when you got out of university and landed your first job. How were you? What were you looking for? What was your focus? Was it attaining something, gaining more money, or finding somebody special? What did you focus on? What was it that you wanted really wanted?

Then, fast forward to the present. Ask yourself, what is your goal? Are you achieving that goal? Did you receive what you wanted? What kind of experiences impacted your life? And what are the thoughts that come to your mind through those experiences? What is important to you?

Now, imagine that you have stepped out of your physical body. Look at yourself. What kind of a life does he or she go through? As they wake up in the morning, what kind of things goes through in his or her mind? What do they focus on throughout the day? Is he or she getting what they want?

After that, go back to yourself and imagine this: You have now let go of all the success that you have accomplished. You have all the things in life, and now you chose to release them. Do you think you are less of a person when you no longer have your achievements? Are you less valuable? Are you less worthy if you let all things go?

While meditating on your answers to these questions, bring your hands to your heart. Look at yourself without all of your achievements and the people you love? Does that make you less valuable?

Then, open your eyes. If you are with loved ones, look into each other’s eyes. With this newfound information, you will become more appreciative of life. That is the value existing within you speaking and telling you that you are valuable and worthy.

Finally, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Smile as you open your eyes once again.

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