Special Reservation

When you make your special reservations at Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat, you can look forward to a refreshing, soul-rejuvenating sojourn to what is consistently ranked as one of the most beautiful spots in America! In this land of geological wonder, the desert region surrounding Sedona is punctuated by incredible formations of multi-colored stone that change hue with the shifting light. Red sandstone formations that glow brilliantly as the sun rises and sets serve as the backdrop for Sedona’s spiritual retreats, mysteriously swirling vortexes, and the vibrant energy force created over thousands of years of human life and meditation.
At Sedona Mago, we regularly accommodate up to 100 guests in our 105 casita-style rooms. All of our accommodations have been mindfully designed to promote relaxation and meditation, so they’re television and telephone-free. We do, however, make Wi-Fi available at our Welcome Center, and there are computers with internet access in the lounge area. Your special reservation with us includes three deliciously healthy meals every day, and in our Mago Dining Hall, you’ll find fresh, healthy, seasonal food selections that are meatless and planet-friendly. We offer a wide range of natural food options to meet a variety of dietary needs.
Whether you’re seeking the time and space for solitary self-reflection, or are joining a group or retreat session in search of spiritual renewal and holistic healing, Sedona Mago has a comfortable room waiting just for you. Once you’ve registered for an upcoming program, our Special Reservations calendar makes it easy for you to check availability and book or modify your accommodations online.
Simply locate the program according to its date on the calendar, click on the program name, and follow the link to reserve your room.