Cleanse Your Energies With a Spiritual Detox

How To Cleanse Your Energy Meridians With a Spiritual Detox


Energy is like water. It courses and flows through the land and all living things. It is what moves us, connects us, and gives us life. 

Sometimes, like water, our energy channels might become clogged or polluted. Emotional blockages, self-destructive behavior, and unhealthy habits may often cause our energy to become unbalanced and disconnected. 

This article seeks to help readers define spiritual detoxes, explain common signs of needing one, and cite five mindfulness exercises that may help cleanse negative energies. 

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What Is a Spiritual Detox?


A spiritual detox is about cleansing your energy meridians of negative or stagnant energy. 

Consider your energy meridians as if they were flowing waterways. When you are balanced and connected, your energy circulates freely throughout your body, freely flowing like a river or sea. However, negative thoughts and behaviors may sometimes build up and cause your energy channels to become clogged. 

Negative or stagnant energy may potentially impact your spiritual, physical, and mental well-being. By spiritually detoxing your energy meridians, you may facilitate the release of negative thoughts and emotions and encourage positive energy flow. 

5 Signs You May Need a Spiritual Detox


Signs you have good positive energy flow might include having a:

  • Positive outlook on life
  • Healthy work-life-social balance
  • Good mindfulness routine
  • Calm and present demeanor
  • Resilience to undesired emotions like anxiety or depression

But what are some signs that you may need a spiritual detox?

#1: Heaviness and Fogginess


When you’re bogged down with a lot of negative energy, you might feel weighed down like there is a weight around you. It may feel hard to want to get up from bed to start or look forward to the rest of your day. 

This weight may also be coupled with feelings of fogginess and unfocus. Negative energy retention may also lead to feelings of anxiety or depression which have been reported to be linked with “brain fog” and concentration issues.

#2: Constant Boredom


Stagnant energy may lead you to feeling bored, restless, and groundless. 

You may feel stuck in a rut or feeling lost. Hobbies and activities you may have once enjoyed may not seem to be as fun or engaging anymore. 

By spiritually detoxing through mindful habits and practices, you may be able to flush stagnant energy to reground yourself. Research suggests that mindfulness practices may promote the development of skills and habits that support creativity which may help you reinvigorate your interests in your hobbies and passions.

#3: Low Motivation


When your spiritual side is clogged up with back energy, you may find yourself struggling to stay motivated. You might find yourself procrastinating and avoiding important or necessary tasks. It may be hard for you to want to join in on social or work activities. 

#4: Feelings of Anxiety or Depression


Our negative energy may often manifest feelings of anxiety or depression. Hanging onto negative emotional baggage and energies may cause you to feel anxious or depressed. 

Negative energy retention may lead to stress which may drain your positive brain chemicals and impact your mood. 

#5: Hypersensitivity


Being backed up with negative energy may make you hypersensitive to your “triggers” or things that may make you irritable or upset. 

When you hold onto negative or undesired thoughts, emotions, and energies, you might find it difficult to remain calm and positive when facing challenges. You may also find having disproportionate emotional reactions to small or inconsequential issues. 

A spiritual detox may help you release this negative energy that is causing you to feel extra vulnerable to negative emotions and thoughts. 

Aspects of Your Life That May Be Improved by a Spiritual Detox


Wellness is considered to be holistic, which means that the mind, body, and spirit are all interconnected. When we are feeling spiritually heavy, our mind and body may be impacted. 



Cleansing your energy channels of negative energy may help you let go of things that trouble you and improve your mood. 

Studies show that spiritual detox practices like yoga or meditation may lead to stress reduction and mood improvement. 

In one study, participants were assigned to an eight-week-long mindfulness-based group practice. After the group sessions concluded, participants were instructed to watch sad films while their fMRI data was collected to study their neural reactivity. 

A control group who had not participated in the 8-week mindfulness practice was also subjected to the same sad film and fMRI data extraction. Researchers compared the results of the two groups and found that the mindfulness group reported significantly less anxiety, depression, and somatic distress when compared to the control group. In addition to this, fMRI data also revealed that the mindfulness stress reduction group experienced less neural reactivity when exposed to the same sad films than the control group. 



Negative energies may cause stress and negative emotions that may negatively impact your sleep. Stress, negative emotions, and feelings of anxiety or depression may increase agitation and arousal, making it hard to get good sleep. 

Difficult sleeping is one of the first and most reported signs of anxiety or depression. Major studies have found that 15-20% of people diagnosed with insomnia have or will develop depression.  

Studies have also found that mindfulness practices involved in spiritual detoxes may help with developing good sleeping habits and improving sleep. 

According to the Sleep Foundation, meditation may be used to relax the body and mind before bedtime, leading to decreased symptoms of insomnia and better sleep. Other mindfulness and spiritual detox practices the Sleep Foundation cites as practices to improve sleep include:

  • Guided meditation
  • QiGong
  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra

Immune System


Negative energy and emotions may impact our physical well-being. 

Research has found that chronic stress and feelings of anxiety or depression may weaken the immune system and increase the body’s susceptibility to illness. While negative energies, thoughts, and emotions, may weaken the immune system, mindfulness practices have been shown to improve select immune parameters.

One study reviewed 20 randomly controlled trials (RCT) involving meditation with over 1,600 participants. Each individual trial used a combination of routine meditative practices, an examination of immune biomarkers, and active and control groups to study the impact mindfulness has on the immune system. 

The collected data from each RCT found evidence that routine mindfulness meditation is associated with increased levels of immune system biomarkers like: 

  • Proinflammatory processes
  • Cell-mediated defense parameters; and
  • Enzyme activity guarding against cell aging

How Do I Detox My Soul?


Most people seeking a spiritual detox may be looking to cleanse negative energy. By practicing mindfulness, you can create the headspace to help flush negative and stagnant energy from your mind, body, and soul. 

Mindfulness is about being present and cultivating positive, free-flowing energy. By staying mindful, you can recenter and ground yourself to promote holistic well-being. 

5 Mindfulness Exercises That May Help Cleanse Negative Energies


Health and well-being are multifaceted. Spiritual detoxes and mindfulness practices may help improve your mind, body, and spirit but may not be able to replace the need for medical intervention. 

If you are experiencing extreme thoughts, feelings, or emotions, you may want to use these practices coupled with professional help. 

#1: Deep Breathing Exercises


It has been thought that through our breathing, we bring in and release energy. Like our respiration keeps our heart pumping and blood circulating, our breathing may help us ventilate and circulate our energy. 

There are many different deep breathing exercises you can use to get your energy circulating. Here is one that the suggests:

  1. Lie down on your back and place your hands on your lower abdomen.
  2. Begin to breathe through your nose deeply for a count of five.
  3. Hold for a count of three.
  4. Release your breath for another count of five.
  5. Hold for a count of three.
  6. Repeat this cycle while trying to breathe in deeper each time. 

You can repeat the cycles while focusing on the flow and circulation of your meridian channels. Try starting with ten reps and then working up from there. 

Other breathing exercises you may utilize for circulating and ventilating energy may include:

  • Alternate nostril breathing
  • Belly breathing
  • 4-7-8 breathing
  • Lion’s breath
  • Resonance breathing

#2: Body Tapping Exercises


Body tapping can help break up stagnant energy and encourage positive energy flow. By tapping the places on your body that feel heavy, you can wake up your meridian system to release tired, stagnant energy. 

Known amongst the scientific community as the “Emotional Freedom Technique,” body-tapping was first discovered in the 1990s by Gary Craig, a Stanford graduate and certified master practitioner of neurolinguistic programming. Since then, body tapping has been used to help reduce feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression. 

There have been over 100 studies consisting of random controlled trials, systemic reviews, meta-analyses, and outcome reviews finding evidence of the efficacy of body tapping for physiological and psychological cases. Many of these studies indicate that body tapping may be an effective self-help tool for healthcare workers facing burnout.  

At Sedona Mago Center for Well-Being and Retreat, we incorporate body tapping as one of our mindfulness group practices. During one of our multi-day and multi-night retreats, you will draw inspiration from the ancient practices we offer to detox your mind, body, and spirit of negative and stagnant energies. 

We offer retreats that are specifically tailored to skill level and intention to help you successfully embark upon a journey of self-discovery and growth. Learn more about the programs we offer today. 

#3: Energy Meditation Exercises


Jigam is one of the Tao energy meditation exercises used at Sedona Mago Center for Well-Being and Retreat

Jigam is an energy meditation exercise that helps channel your positive energy flow or Qi by ceasing your thoughts, feelings, and emotions and concentrating solely on your flow of Qi.  

In Jigam the flow of Qi is felt and manipulated through the palms. Our hands are the parts of our body that are most sensitive to energy. To begin, enter a meditative state through deep, concentrated breathing. As your thoughts begin to clear, hold your palms up and keep them barely an inch apart. Start to focus on the energy between your hands as it circulates throughout your body. 

The circulation of your Qi through this energy meditation exercise may help you vent your negative energy and unblock your Qi meridian channels. 

#4: Tai Chi and QiGong


Tai Chi involves the art of energy balancing. It is a practice of emphasizing energy circulation coupled with breathing work and balance. 

Tai Chi can be practiced standing, seated, or even lying down, making it a versatile spiritual detox practice you can do almost anywhere at any time. Over time and with practice, Tai Chi users can develop a heightened sense of awareness of their own energy, which may become beneficial in detecting negative energy or stagnant energy clogs in your body’s meridian channels. 

QiGong is a form of Tai Chi. Together they make up a form of spiritual martial arts called DahnMuDo, which means,” the way of limitless energy.” 

Advanced Tai Chi and QiGong energy practices for Qi management may help you:

  • Control your flow of Qi
  • Balance different energies in the body
  • Open your heart and brighten your spirit
  • Develop energy that promotes physical, mental, and spiritual wellness

#5: A Spiritual Detox Retreat


Retreats may help you begin to build or further enhance your spiritual detox and mindfulness practices that encourage energy circulation. 

They are also an excellent place to find like-minded individuals who are a part of the holistic wellness community. Studies have suggested that being amongst people who share the same intentions and values can encourage healthy wellness habits. 

Sedona Mago Center for Well-Being and Retreat offers a specialized six-day supportive group program with a maximum of 15 participants. During the Revitalizing Detox Retreat, you’ll be surrounded by 173 acres of the red rocks and energy vortexes of Sedona, Arizona. 

Amongst the healing energy of this land, you’ll learn about releasing built-up toxins in your body and energy channels, learn about the power of nutrition and mindfulness practices, and become immersed in an energy sanctuary that promotes the revitalization of your mind, body, and spirit. 

Ventilate and Purify Your Energy and Spirit at Sedona Mago Center for Well-Being and Retreat


Nurture your mind, body, and spirit by exercising spiritual detox practices with us at one of the most energy-saturated places on Earth. 

Sedona Mago Center for Well-Being and Retreat lies in the heart of Sedona, Arizona where the energy is so palpable you can feel it. Our facility fosters a spiritual sanctuary where like-minded individuals may gather and pursue spiritual, physical, and mental wellness. 

During our retreats and programs, among detoxification, you may also experience:

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Self-discovery
  • Self-mastery
  • Tao healing QiGong
  • Chakra empowerment
  • Health and wellness practices
  • And more

We offer a variety of retreats and online or in-person classes. These multi-level programs include:

  • Mago Core Programs 
      • Finding True Self 3 nights in-person retreat
      • Sedona Wellness Retreat 4 nights in-person retreat
  • Journey Within Programs
      • Sedona Mediation Program 3 nights in-person retreat
      • Revitalizing Detox Retreat 5 nights in-person 
      • Self Empowerment QiGong Retreat 3 nights, in-person
      • Awaken Your Natural Healing Power 6 live online sessions
      • Qiong for Inner Peace and Inner Strength 6 live online sessions
      • Live Mindfulness Classes 4 classes per week, online
  • Self Mastery Programs
    • Tao Natural Healing 4 nights, in-person
    • Tao Living Practice 21 live online sessions
    • Tao Healing and Meditation 3 nights, in-person

Begin your transformation journey of growth and self-discovery with us by exploring our options and booking your spiritual detox retreat today.

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