Qigong for Inner Peace and Strength

Live Ongoing Online Class

When there is pain, a physical ailment, or any type of dis-harmony in the body, there is a blockage of energy flow. By practicing Qigong for Inner Peace and Strength, you will harmonize, strengthen and circulate your energy to release these blockages, and heal your body.

During this class, we will cover the three forms of Tao Healing Qigong:

  1. Basic Form
  2. Ilchi Form
  3. Freestyle

When: Tuesdays 5:30pm-6:30pm (MST/AZ)
Duration: 6 weeks | 1 hour/week
Cost: $240

New dates coming soon!

Weekly Topics

Tao Healing Qigong is based on the understanding that we, as humans, are manifestations of the ultimate life force energy, Qi (pronounced chee). In this session, you will experience Qi by first connecting your mind to your body and then sensitizing your hands to feel the energy.

  • Learn the basic principles of Tao Healing Qigong and why they are important
  • Understand energy channels or meridians
  • Stimulate your body to begin activating energy “Qi”
  • Sensitize your hands to the basic life force or “Qi”

Your Trainer

MJ Kim

MJ is dedicated to helping others create lives of optimal health, happiness, and well-being. She believes that no matter your age, you can improve the quality and richness of your life. Born and raised in Korea, she has learned ancient health and wellness techniques not readily available in the U.S. For the past 20 years, she has studied and perfected techniques and tools to help others improve the quality of their lives by merging the best of East and West. MJ has extensive experience in health and life coaching as well as QiGong, meditation and Yoga. Her humble and joyful demeanor belies the fact that she is considered a Master Trainer and Director of Education at Sedona Mago Well-being and Retreat Center.