Self-Massage Techniques for Pain Relief

Live 6-Week Online Courses

Discover what causes your pain, and more importantly, learn how to release it through self-massage techniques. Self-massage is an easy-to-do, noninvasive, self-healing method.

Knowing you have pain such as back pain, neck tension, or hip pain and paying attention to it are two different things. We all feel pain and discomfort, but the root cause is often not known or considered. Sometimes physical pain can be caused by mental or emotional issues.

When: Fridays 4:30 p.m.-6 p.m.
Starts: August 15th, 2020
Duration: 6 weeks | 1.5 hours/week group class
Class Size: Limited to 12 people
Cost: $360

Weekly Schedule

Pain. We all have it, but we deal with it differently. Learn how behavioral actions affect one’s outlook, mindset, and way of daily living.
  • What are the 3 types of pain and what causes them
  • How pain can actually help you
  • Begin to catch repetitive patterns in your life and start to change them
  • Learn basic, generalized pain-relief stretches/exercises to begin self-practice

Your Trainer

Kristen Sommer

Kristen has been a licensed massage therapist, energy healer, and yoga/taichi instructor for over 15 years. Having been the lead instructor in the Sun Institute of Massage Therapy for over 10 years, she discovered her passion to help and guide others on their own healing journey, both through online workshops and offline classes. Whether it is through realigning the physical body, opening the meridians to help one’s ki energy flow, or relaxing one’s self through soothing meditations, she has been gently guiding others on how to heal the body. Inspired by her own fight with and recovery from Lyme disease, Kristen has an intimate knowledge of the way the body works and responds in both scientific and energetic ways. She looks forward to sharing that wisdom with you. Join her on an enlightening journey to transforming the way that you feel.