Sedona Mago Takes A Coffee Break at Starbucks

How can we handle workplace challenges?

It was interesting to discover that the employees of Starbucks were thirsty for knowledge in learning more about mindfulness, one of Sedona Mago’s core training subjects.

Starbucks employees take a meditation breakLast week, Ilchibuko Todd and several instructors of Sedona Mago visited Starbucks headquarters in Seattle, Washington, to speak about managing physical health and emotional well-being through mindfulness practice. The invite came from an employee of Starbucks, who met Ilchibuko at the “Finding True Self” workshop at Sedona Mago several years ago and wanted to share her experience with her coworkers.

Ilchibuko spoke to about 150 Starbucks employees as they listened intently to her discussion on Personal Leadership. “Our daily environment is changing rapidly. In the workplace, many of us are overworked, overloaded and over-stressed as we take on more than we can manage,” says Ilchibuko. “Personal leadership is the key to resolving many of these workplace challenges that can be nurtured through mindfulness practice.”

Starbucks employees practice meditation and midnfulnessStress at work not only takes a toll on your productivity but also your health. We tend to forget to take care of ourselves. Trying to ‘handle’ daily stress is not the solution. We need to make a conscious effort to change our habits. By reconnecting with ourselves through mindfulness practice, we can replenish our energy levels and create better relationships with others.

“Managing your physical health, emotional state and mental condition begins with mindfulness practice,” says Ilchibuko. “Through this mindfulness practice we can all learn ways to help others,” she says. “I plan to share this practice in other workplaces so that everyone can learn how to handle the stresses of daily life.” 

By making the choice to practice mindfulness every day, you will discover that it leads to a more productive lifestyle and you may be more fulfilled in the long run.


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