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October 2021

Physical Healing with Qigong Exercises, Level 1

October 5
Physical Healing with Qigong Exercises

6 Week Online Course: When there is pain, a physical ailment, or any type of dis-harmony in the body, there is a blockage of energy flow. By practicing Tao Healing Qigong, you will harmonize, strengthen and circulate your energy to release these blockages, and heal your body. During this 6 week course, we will cover the three forms of Tao Healing Qigong: Basic Form, Ilchi Form, and Freestyle Qigong.

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October 5

Online Mago Mindfulness Classes Complimentary Access 3 month online sessions include energy yoga, meditation, qigong, and breathing exercises. It is designed to help you de-stress, release fear and anxiety, clear your mind, and build a strong core. You will experience the opening of your meridian energy channels in your body by bringing your mind to the present moment, making restorative movements, and focusing on your breath. It will help you to harmonize body, mind, and spirit.

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Shift your Consciousness for a Better Life

October 19
Shift Your Consciousness for a Better Life

6 Week Online Course: Find the truth about your thoughts, perceptions, and memories. Many people think that suffering is caused by external conflicts in their lives – relationships, jobs, grief, misfortune, misery, etc. However, the true cause of suffering is within you – a result of your perceptions about a situation, not the situation itself.

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World Peace Ceremony 2021

October 23

Come together online live on October 23rd. It can be hard to imagine our world at peace especially with everything that has been happening in the world. It’s also hard sometimes because we feel we are alone in our desire for peace. But when we come together to share our love and sincerity in our hearts no matter where we are in our lives, we can bring out the best in ourselves and create beautiful energy all around us.  Let’s…

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November 2021

Awaken Your Natural Healing Power, Level 1

November 3
Awaken Your Natural Healing Power

6 Week Online Course: Many people may not be aware that we all have an innate ability to heal, lacking a relationship with their own body, or don’t know how to take responsibility for their own health.  Through our ancient healing practice, you will not only be able to understand your own physical, mental and spiritual condition but also be able to heal yourself. Our ancient healing practice of Tao is not about removing pain or stress from specific parts…

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Develop your Intuition and Psychic Power

November 6
Develop your Intuition and Psychic Power

6 Week Online Course: Your intuition is the manifestation of True Self. This course demystifies the 3rd Eye (sense of wisdom or the ability to see things for what they really are) so that you can deepen your spiritual connection and develop a profound sense of trust. A strong sense of trust helps you break free from old destructive patterns and feelings of entrapment so that you can manifest the life you desire.

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December 2021

Tao Healing and Meditation Guide, Level 2

December 8
Tao Healing Guide, Level Two

Tao Meditation has been taught throughout Asia for several thousand years to guide people toward self-discovery, self-healing, and self-fulfillment. This style of meditation uses multiple energy principles to create a harmonious connection between body, mind, and spirit.

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