Earth Day Peace Festival

‘Together, let’s celebrate our choice to live in harmony with all of humanity and the Earth’ 


Art of Mago

Art of Mago supports local artists, builds community, and expresses our loving connection to humanity and the Earth through the arts. Art of Mago supports local artists, builds community, and expresses our loving connection to humanity and the Earth through the arts.

We have invited local performing artists to open up our Earth Day Peace Festival to consecrate our hearts and minds together in an expression of our gratitude for the Earth.

Peace Walk

Join us in a Peace Walk, which will include a mindful walking tour and tree planting. Enjoy the breathtaking views and feel the energy of Mother Earth as you heal your mind and heal your soul.

The Peace Walk and tree planting is followed by an Earth Citizen Dance with the Earth. According to Tao, we all have the same origin because we all come from Mother Earth, therefore we are all brothers and sisters.

We appreciate your generous donations to Tao Fellowship. It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to manifest the virtues of Tao for harmonious living, to help people find Tao within, to develop leaders to deliver the principles of Tao to benefit all, and to collaborate to create peace on Earth.

 All your donations are tax deductible and the proceeds go to the Healing Society Project to provide healing classes and seminars for seniors and veterans in our communities and to provide education for young adults to find their true essence and recover their human character.

Sponsor a Jujube Tree 

We will be planting Jujube trees during our Earth Day Peace Festival. When you choose to sponsor a tree, a plaque with your name and message will be placed by the tree – it can be a living legacy in honor of a loved one!  Year after year, you can watch your tree grow and thrive. Take part in a fundraiser that helps our organization while helping to restore our environment.

Enjoy the heart warming testimonials from those who spent the day with us at Sedona Mago Retreat for Earth Day.

  • It was a wonderful experience.  Thank you!  ~Narid,  (Toronto, Ontario)

  • What a peaceful day, my first time here.  I wish I could come back more often.  I learned about Mother Earth and personal life choices.  I like knowing that I am between Heaven and Earth.  Thank you for a great day and a great lunch!  ~Jim,  (Cottonwood, AZ)

  • Beautiful day with Mother Mago.  I will be here again next year.  Thank you Mago Garden!  ~Dr Del Hudson, (Sedona, AZ)

  • This was a great day!  Thank you for this day!  ~ Grace

  • Fantastic Day!  ~ Irena

  • This has again been a heart opening experience.  I felt deeply connected to the Mother.  Everyone was genuinely sweet, helpful and warm.  It’s a cocoon—an embracing and cuddling energy.  Thank you all again.  ~Love, Divine  (Sedona, AZ)

  • I feel relaxed, close to Mother Earth and harmony when at Sedona Mago Retreat.  This is so helpful in our fast world out there.  Also to like yourself and help keep Mother Earth clean and respect it.  Thank you for reminding us to take care of Mago.  ~Peace

  • I enjoyed the meditation and the energy in the surroundings was so peaceful.  ~Susan  (Santa Clara, CA)

  • Enlightened.  ~Cheryl  (Port Orchard, WA)

  • Thank you for sharing your beautiful land with us.  It was a great place to set our intentions for our time here in Sedona.  Smiling always, ~ Sarah  (Toronto, Ontario)

  • Unity in heart, mind, emotion, body and soul.  Unity in grace, goodness and kindness, a oneness with all that is, a oneness with this beautiful Earth.  ~ Mikasiyo  (Cottonwood, AZ)

  • 'I am so grateful to be an Earth citizen'

    I want to thank you so much for sharing the gifts of the Mago retreat center to the community! The best of everything...the speakers, the lunch, the silence, the beauty! I am so grateful to be an Earth citizen!
    Blessings to all.  ~Mae

  • 'Earth day - treasure hunt'

    I arrived alone, and my first impression of Mago Retreat was this path of overwhelming beauty.  I took this photo immediately as I was so taken with the Colors of the "Master's Paintbrush"!  The millions of lavender/violet flower petals against the red dirt was simply stunning, and to me, is visual proof of the Power and Benevolence of the Creator.  Is it not incredible how much care and attention to Detail is taken to make our world so lovely ?

    Your philosophy that the Power for Change lies within the human heart is Truth.  All is Holographic and "Change" is one of the Laws of the Universe.  Humans are powerful change-agents.  We must be aware of the power of our thoughts and emotions, using them wisely for the betterment of ourselves and our world.

    Thank you so much for the beautiful day !  I hope to see you again very soon

  • 'Earth Day at Mago Retreat'

    A perfect spring moment

    Deep in the desert
    Reflected in the peaceful pond
    And in the faces of those who encircle it.
    Red spires  praying to the
    Cobalt sky.
    One philosophical day-- spent
    In thanking Earth
    And in renewing a vow
    To care for it and show gratitude to all who
    Live upon it.

    Thank you for a profound experience.  ~Doug

  • 'I treasure the sacred journey'

    I treasure the sacred journey. I treasure the ups and the downs, and upside downs. I treasure the journey into oneself to know thyself, experience, and express a state of joy yet peace.  To integrate the wisdom of the journey to grow through the experience, yet also feel the sense of balance in the moment. The moment too shall pass, and it is not for me to remain in such a position for longer than needed. Just as I am in the center of this labyrinth, I too must come out to be where I am Divinely guided to be. I am in Sedona in the moment of the picture, and now I am in Long Beach CA in this moment. Physically I may appear to be in a certain time zone or location, yet consciously beyond a certain time or space. The treasure is to flow with the curves of the journey, to maintain a state of balance physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

    I treasure trusting in the Mother Earth through the journey of life, whether I am well balanced or if I fall on my face. Life may not always appear balanced, but there are many things we may not be aware of or see from our current perspective. As I am physically upside down in this picture, this shows the treasure of viewing with alternative perspectives integrated with creativity; to learn what needs to be learned, but knowing the wisdom is already within. The Divine teacher within reflected into the environment, relationships with ourselves, other people, and the Mother Earth. I treasure the teachers all around us and being the humble student.

    For me, the treasure is not an object to be found, but an awareness, experience, and expression of Being.

    Thank you for hosting the beautiful Earth Day event at the Sedona Mago Retreat.  ~Chamuel

  • 'I regained balance and insight as to what I have'

    During this visit I felt extreme peace. Because of the energy cleanliness of this land, I regained balance and insight as to what I have. I feel a responsibility to educate others. We are all one energy. I am confident that each person’s future is good!

  • 'Each time I return I find something else that feeds me on my path'

    Today has been a wonderful experience. I felt happy, content, confident, and also lost, scared and unsure. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Each time I return I find something else that feeds me on my path.

  • 'I felt a deep and profound wonder'

    Today through watching and listening to others, and my friends experiencing this place for the first time, I felt a deep and profound wonder like I was experiencing it again for the first time. And I realized just how incredibly lucky I am to be volunteering in this wonderful, divine place. I can see how much this place nourishes the growth of my spirit. I was struck by the realization that everything in the universe is a miracle. We have a duty to protect and nurture the Earth.

  • 'You’re at peace with the world'

    Your place is very wonderful. It makes you feel that you are in a very natural place. You’re at peace with the world.

  • 'Truly inspirational'

    There is indeed a manifesting energy here. God bless always. To be here is to be safely and lovingly held at the cradle of our mother. To be here is to be one with all of nature. Truly inspirational. “InLakesh” (ancient Mayan greeting and goodbye). “You are another me” With love.  ~Drew

  • 'Beauty and calming energy'

    I experienced the beauty and calming energy of the area! How generous to feed us all such good food!! Thank you!

  • 'Earth day – and I am 6 days away from being 93 – what a way to celebrate'

    The massage and stretching was just what I needed after the walking.  Lifted my spirits higher and my body tried to keep up. Earth day – and I am 6 days away from being 93 – what a way to celebrate and keep loving life. The beauty of the mountains and the lake and of the rocks. Winds of the area lifting away problems.  ~Keela

  • 'Walking the sandy path and grounding'

    The opening talking about nature and we are nature. Walking the sandy path and grounding. Seeing where Ilchi Lee was inspired to put this place up. Seeing the beautiful inspirational lake and the serenity places to sit and view it. Sharing with the people.

  • 'The feeling of love, joy, peace, astonishment'

    I loved, loved, loved the day from start to finish!! Tears of joy are coming to my eyes at this moment. The feeling of love, joy, peace, astonishment, and most of all connection to ALL. =) Namaste.

  • 'A perfect balance of all the elements'

    Earth day was magical, lovely, and full of blessings. The Mago Retreat is a must visit in Sedona. The gardens are full of rejuvenating energy. A perfect balance of all the elements. The food is delicious, organic, nutritious, and straight from their gardens. I met awesome people and did fun activities! Thank you!  ~Chamuel

  • 'I was reminded again of what it truly feels like to be human and a child of this planet'

    Today is a beautiful day. I am thankful I came to this Earth Day event. I was reminded again of what it truly feels like to be human and a child of this planet. The people working here remind me of what it is supposed to be like living a true life, being genuine, eating wholesome food, and being surrounded by many special moments. I am reminded of what it feels like to be in harmony with nature. This is an amazing and rewarding practice that should be practiced in humanity.  ~Stephanie

  • 'The experience today was very transformative'

    Blessings and Namaste. I have been traveling the U.S. without a vehicle or job for over 3 years, each day asking “God, how may I serve your children?” The experience today was very transformative in many ways. Because of my role on the planet, hosting and basic needs have been very challenging. This is my first true experience of family, abundance, and a fresh way to live. I have been asking to connect with Ilchi Lee for a couple years since learning of Life Particle. The beautiful Dr. Emoto has guided me here today. This will be the start of a beautiful connection. I experienced joy, happiness, love, and peace. It is easy for me to feel these emotions on a deep level and now I have received the physical form equivalent. For the 2-3 months I am in Sedona, I pray my hosting/residence is similar to this experience today. Blessings and Namaste.  ~Joshua

  • 'Oneness - Peace'

  • 'The peace and calmness here is wonderful!'

    Treasure of the day was stimulating. The peace and calmness here is wonderful! Learning keeps the brain going. Kindness, love, understanding, knowledge.  ~Colleen

  • 'I felt transported to another time and space'

    On my drive here, I felt transported to another time and space – my heart kept expanding with so much gratitude. I feel fortunate to be guided here with the most loving people. I feel that I have been in the arms of love and nurturing. Sooo much love with hugs, food, experiences, massage. I feel deeply touched by the energy here and Mama Gaia for her love and the beauty of her love in every way and the love of the food. Thank you creator god and goddess. I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, and I love you.  ~Divine Roberts

  • 'Release of stress'

    Release of stress. Surrender of control. Peace. Lightness. Loved. Connection. Appreciation.

  • 'It was a joy to experience the special beauty of Mago'

    This is was a very relaxing escape from everyday stresses. It was a joy to experience the special beauty of Mago and ground myself to the Earth and reconnect with my inner peace.

  • 'I felt peaceful and relaxed'

    I felt peaceful and relaxed. It is a break from work, doctors, life’s ups and downs – and keeping ahead of expectations. Today no one asked anything of me – just to be.

  • 'I felt wonder'

  • 'The Healing Garden was a space of its own with a beautiful energy sensed inward'

    My time at Mago Retreat on Earth Day was a very peaceful and serene journey around the land. I deeply appreciated the care that has been given to the land, turning desert to oasis. The Healing Garden was a space of its own with a beautiful energy sensed inward.

  • 'Thank you from the bottom of my heart'

    I experienced love surrounding… Love in the eyes of everyone connected to the Mago Retreat. Love in the hearts and a genuine feeling that grows among all of us who are here. A genuine warmth that permeates all around. I experience a gratitude to all who are a part of the Mago Retreat. A part of mother Earth. Halleluiah! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ~Kay Frizzle

  • 'Mago retreat is to unload stress'

    Today was a special day for celebrating ‘Earth Day’. Loving nature, respecting the Earth, and having harmony with all the people here today. Had a healthy lunch and that in itself makes the body feel good. If you feel good you do good things for the world. Relaxing and meditation place, Mago retreat is to unload stress. The exercise and massage put a finishing touch to the day.

  • 'I feel the spirit of this Earth'

    I like this place on this Earth. I feel the spirit of this Earth. I feel part of this place. I know I am part of the Earth. My spirit is part of the spirit of the Earth. I am one with the Earth.

  • 'Beautiful, Serene, Spiritual, Grounded'

    Beautiful, Serene, Spiritual, Grounded, In-tune with all, Love, Abundance, Connection, Gratitude, Compassion, =)
    God is everywhere. I am God manifest.